Serious Games… Seriously ? U&I se dit que le serious Game est à la mode !

Après EPYC qui lançait son après midi d’information, voici U&I qui propose un petit-déjeuner ! Au moins il y a de l’originalité dans la démarche. Manque plus que Crossknowledge et Opikanoba et on aura fait le tour des surfeurs.

Voici votre invitation à participer à ce petit-déjeuner.

A noter que l’on cite Albert Einstein, c’est pas de la belle référence ça ??

En tout cas passer d’Albert aux cuisines en 3D, fallait oser ;-)

U&I e-learning

Serious Games have become the new e-learning buzzword. Googling the word will lead to about 50 million hits, there’s a Wikipedia page, lots of fancy websites, it’s … serious business! Albert Einstein once said: “I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn”. The concept of serious gaming is surprisingly simple: use the motivation and mindset of gaming to increase the learning capacity. And: create a content that’s relevant and educational. The European employee’s average age is 35. So your colleagues probably grew up with games too, ranging from Atari and Pacman to Wii and Xbox. It’s so much easier to teach them how to inspect a restaurant kitchen or to use a certain appliance if they can actually see a 3D kitchen, if they’re able to take a virtual walk in it and score points each time they find the answer or act in the right way. Learning can be fun… for you too! U&I Learning would like to invite you to an informative breakfast session and introduce you to the Serious Games concept: find out how to use it to make a “serious” difference in motivating and training your people. We put the stress on the underlying didactics and motives and provide a practical case study. And of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to fire away questions!

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